Klox Technologies’ proprietary BioPhotonic technology platform is the basis for pathology-specific, photo-activated topical treatment systems for patients suffering from various skin and soft tissue disorders. With both therapeutic and aesthetic applications, our treatment systems have been designed to target patients’ specific conditions without incubation, without metabolization, and without inducing photosensitivity.

Our proprietary BioPhotonic technology platform consists of a multi-LED lamp and a topical photo converter. Photo converter medias are activated by the multi-LED lamp.

This results in Fluorescence Biomodulation, biomodulation induced by hyper pulsed fluorescence light (HPFL), which is generated via a quantum leap. The creation of HPFL can stimulate cellular responses along with controlling bacteria, modulating inflammatory mediators, stimulating fibroblasts for collagen synthesis/deposition, inducing keratinocytes proliferation/migration, modulating vascular endothelial growth factors, and myofibroblast formation. HPFL Systems are modulated to each indication. Current clinical programs have shown high degree of efficacy and safety.

Klox Technologies has developed, and is developing, several easy-to-administer, pathology-specific solutions to address conditions in the area of dermatology, wound care, and oral health:

  • Kleresca/LumiCleanse: Has received CE mark approval to treat all stages of acne vulgaris, has the potential to improve outcomes for acne sufferers by providing non-invasive, first-line treatment without subjecting patients to the side effects associated with some traditional oral, light-based, and systemic acne treatments.
  • Kleresca/LumiBel: Our cosmetic skin care solution offers a non-invasive, non-abrasive, and non-thermal approach to skin care with the goal of tightening the skin and improving pore size, skin texture, and overall appearance.
  • LumiHeal:  We are currently launching LumiHeal in select Eurpean countries as a potential cost-effective treatment for chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds.
  • PERIO-1: We are developing PERIO-1 as a non-invasive adjunct periodontitis treatment facilitating scaling and root planing.

Our non-invasive, pathology-specific BioPhotonic technology harnesses the power of light and photo-activated, oxygen-rich gel formulations to treat skin and soft tissue disorders. The combination of the emitted wavelengths from the multi-LED lamps and the light absorbing molecules, or chromophores, contained in our gels are specific to each indication.

By varying the interaction between the light and gel, and the duration of exposure, we can induce different physiological responses that promote healing specific to the patient’s condition. These physiological responses promote healing with bactericidal properties specific to the underlying pathology and include increased collagen production, altered cellular response, and the production of photons and oxygen.

We are currently focused on developing and commercializing our proprietary BioPhotonic technology platform for indications in the areas of dermatology, wound care, and oral health. We are, however, continuously developing and testing formulations for the treatment of other indications.