About Klox Technologies Inc.

Klox Technologies is a biomedical innovator, advancing the development and commercialization of targeted fluorescence-generating molecules, for the management of specific skin/soft tissue conditions and diseases.

With franchises in dermatology, wound care, and oral health, Klox Technologies is well positioned to capitalize on significant market opportunities. We believe that our dedication to providing healthcare professionals with novel and effective treatment solutions will allow patients to experience positive results without some of the side effects associated with existing treatments.

Klox Technologies’ senior management team has over 80 years of combined experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices industries. We continue to research, develop, and commercialize solutions based on our fluorescence-generating molecules for a growing and aging population that is seeking more effective and less invasive management options to improve their health and quality of life.

What is our corporate mission?

Klox strives to maximize and expand the benefits of fluorescence biomodulation in treating diseases. Our ultimate goal is to provide healthcare professionals with active therapeutic solutions that promote healing at the cellular level.

One of the key drivers in our development process is to identify treatment ‘gaps’ and unmet needs in skin/soft-tissue related conditions and disease states. We then explore new applications and treatment benefits for these conditions in humans and in animals.

We want to take Fluorescence technology to a new level at Klox. Across all our core disease categories, every product that we have introduced provides a superior benefit/advantage compared to current standard approaches.