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Klox is Ticking

Klox Technologies Inc. is a biomedical innovator founded by renown entrepreneur and co-founder of BioChem Pharma, Dr. Francesco Bellini. Klox is advancing the development and commercialization of its proprietary Fluorescence Biomodulation technology platform.

  • Klox focuses on the development, innovation and delivery of launch-ready technology and products.
  • To commercialize the Fluorescence Biomodulation technology, Klox relies on investment capital and long-term business partners with expertise in our therapeutic categories.
  • Klox is actively offering our high growth wound care system and late-stage veterinary system for strategic partnerships.
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Investors FAQ

Klox is the first company to have advanced the use of fluorescence from diagnostics and laboratory settings to providing clinically-proven, primary or adjunct treatment options for diseases and conditions involving the skin via a process called Fluorescence Biomodulation. (Please click here for more information on our Technology and Fluorescence Biomodulation)

Klox strives to maximize and expand the benefits of fluorescence biomodulation in treating diseases. Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with active therapeutic solutions that work at a cellular level using fluorescence generated energy. Fluorescence Biomodulation technology is targeted to each indication to achieve the desired outcome while providing excellent tolerability and safety while yielding consistent patient satisfaction.

At Klox, we want to make a difference. Across all our core disease categories, every product that we have introduced provides a superior benefit compared to current standard approaches while providing solutions to major issues in healthcare such as antimicrobial resistance.

Klox is pursuing a diversified product commercialization strategy for LumiHeal in the management of chronic and acute wounds.

Klox is pursuing a diversified product commercialization strategy for Phovia, which targets animal health. To date, there are four (4) different indications in late-stage development for use on cats, dogs and horses. These include pyoderma, wound care, otitis and periodontal disease.

Klox intends to fund a number of clinical trials over the next two (2) years to support wound care and animal health product claims.

Klox has a comprehensive product pipeline with 2nd and 3rd generation products in development to address the fast-growing homecare market in wound care.

Klox products were conceptualized in response to real needs and low satisfaction with the status quo and developed with input from clinicians and patients in our disease categorizes.  From acne to wounds, Klox products have shown to be efficacious, safe and easy to use. Data on file shows that patients prefer the Klox experience over various standards of care while healthcare professionals report enhanced efficacy, resulting in healthcare cost and time savings.

Healthcare Professional Experience – To date, healthcare professionals who utilize Klox products such as LumiHeal have incorporated the technology into their practice as a result of the positive clinical results and high safety profile. The products are convenient with feedback that the current gel formulation is easy to apply and remove. In addition, treatment only requires minutes and can be administered by nurses and assistants.

Patient Experience – Patients have expressed similar feedback, including being able to quickly see visual improvements and rapid healing. Many, if not all, of the patients involved in clinical studies have rated the procedures highly and believe that their quality of life is being improved through use of our technology.

Long-term revenue opportunities – Klox development focuses on diseases and therapeutic categories that have the potential to generate significant volume and sales. Dermatological conditions like acne, periodontal disease in adults 40+ and chronic wounds affect millions of patients in all countries and regions around the globe. For example, it is estimated that the global Advanced Wound Care market is worth over $7 Billion. In dermatology, $3 Billion in acne treatments and over $9 Billion in treatments for inflammatory conditions are prescribed.

All Klox-developed products provide recurring revenue streams; driven by single use topical products.

Our patented technology offers high value with low development costs – The technology has strong global patent protection, with over 80 young patents. Plus, medical device classification is accessible, offering fast regulatory approvals and speed to market.

Strong clinical evidence and rigorous product development process – The basis of Klox technology and our individual product claims is that they are supported by a strong, multinational clinical programs. From product concept, to clinical trials and to regulatory submissions/approvals, Klox is continually supported by medical and industry experts in our disease categories.

  • Solidifying tightly-knit business partnerships for the long-term – which could even include creating separate corporate entities (such as FB Dermatology)
  • Product lifecycle management – In addition to category exclusivity, we look forward to working together in further refining and innovating our product portolios
  • Providing assistance with regulatory approvals, medical/clinical affairs
  • Joint creation of marketing and market development programs
  • Providing training programs so that your team quickly gets up to speed
  • Providing access to our teams of medical key opinion leaders

Partnership Opportunities

We are currently interested in pursuing commercialization opportunities for our two emerging areas of development:

  • Wound Care division
    • Products already developed (LumiHeal) and currently being commercialized
    • Marketing and commercial team in place
    • Several clinical studies already completed (e.g. EUREKA)
  • Short Term Wound Care Goals:
    • Expand LumiHeal’s commercial footprint in Europe (CE Mark)
    • Conduct a US clinical trial and enter the US market
    • Launch new portable LED device for home-care use
  • Animal Health division
    • Products in development
    • Marketing and commercial team in place
    • Clinical studies in development
Investor & Partnership Contact
Carlo Bellini
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