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The Kleresca line of products are being commercialized for in-office treatments (CE mark, MDL) and designed to target specific dermatological conditions, primarily being moderate to severe acne. Other applications include Skin Rejuvenation, and Rosacea. The system has shown to stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms, helping to reduce inflammation, increase the build-up of collagen and normalize cellular activity. Click on Dermatology to see how Kleresca can potentially help you…


LumiHeal is an early-stage commercial asset (CE mark) with applications in wound care, specifically targeting chronic and complex wounds by providing impact the three (3) critical phases of wound healing: inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. LumiHeal is an active wound care solution that delivers high response rates and ignites the onset of wound regression, while providing an excellent safety profile.

Wound Care

PERIO-1 is a late-stage clinical asset (CE mark, MDL) with applications as an in-office adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP), for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic periodontitis. The application facilitates periodontal pocket debridement, decreases localized pain and inflammation, emulsifies bacterial biofilm enabling the easy removal of bacteria and accelerates periodontal pocket and gum reattachment.

Oral Health

Phovia is an early-stage commercial asset globally partnered with Vetoquinol based in Lure, France. Initial indications are for Pyoderma as part of their companion animal products line.

Animal Health