Our Company and Mission

Based in Canada, KLOX Technologies™ is a privately owned company currently developing innovative and highly effective therapeutic and cosmetic solutions for use in the fields of Dentistry, Dermatology and Tissue Repair. Our mission:

Through innovation, to develop and bring to market superior health and life-quality enhancing products unmatched in their response to needs both therapeutic and aesthetic.

Leading the way

The KLOX Technologies™ commitment to advancing medical device treatment and its availability worldwide emits from a core value of innovation within research and development, and the Biophotonic technology platform on which our products are built is at the heart of who we are.

Through its innovative and proprietary Biophotonics system using a multiple LED array in interaction with a light-trapping converter gel, KLOX Technologies™ is developing unique, non-abrasive, non-thermal and non-invasive products for use both by the public and professionals in the Medical, Therapeutic, and Cosmetics industries.

Our performance-driven products

While KLOX Technologies™ maintains a focus on product development and commercialization, we acknowledge that innovation can only be consistently maintained through fundamental research and development. To that end, we have a long-term commitment to pioneering in Biophotonics.

We are dedicated to growing our commercial activities across varied fields, the sale of our cosmetic dental segment to Valeant Pharmaceuticals will allow us to streamline our efforts and fully focus our energy on becoming a leader in medical applications in dental, dermatology, and wound healing.

KLOX Technologies™ is maintaining momentum with the impending launch of a skincare system, and advancing clinical trials for acne, tissue repair, and periodontitis